A group of food loving friends from around the world who found that this was a good place to share our fantastic food finds and feasts for all.

Alibi Members include:

Jae – The fanciest of foodies with an absurd knowledge of hard to find mustards and an artsy ability to take a drool-worthy photo of any food.

Kate – Recently lured in to a vegetarian lifestyle after spending too many hours watching food documentaries.  She’s the most disciplined of the crew, and best meal planner we know…the proof is on her chalkboard.

Helena – Can throw together a scrumptious curry or a budget-friendly dinner all while keeping an eye on babies, toddlers, dogs and kids.  We’re still not sure how.

Sara – A runner, natural food advocate and therapist, she’s clearly got the mind-body connection thing down.

Alicia – Knows how to make a delicious, healthy meal for 3 on a budget.  Need to save a few bucks and lose a few pounds?  Alicia’s your girl.

CathyThe smarty pants of the crew, her intellect is intimidating and so are her culinary skills.  When asked to share her healthy recipes, her first question was about bacon.  We’ll need to keep an eye on her.

Jenni –  A working mom of 2 who cooks fast, fresh, delicious meals and manages to do it all with a glass of wine in one hand and looking like she’s a fashion model.  We all want in on her secrets.

Amanda – If you are lucky enough to be one of her neighbors, you could vouch for the fact that she’s one of the serious bakers of the group and is darn good at it because she regularly blesses them with her delicious creations.  She also hails from a state known for being in the top 5 for cannabis use.  Not that it has anything to do with her baked goods, though it’s rumored her neighbors really, really love her.

Kristin (KJ) – Wants to do everything they are doing and so she begged them to contribute to the blog so she can copy all of their mad skillz.

That’s our Alibi and we’re sticking to it.  Cheers!


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